Monday, February 23

Rice Pudding, easy peasy recipe!!!

So I made some rice pudding and it's an easy recipe and a few people wanted it, so here it is....

1 cup Carolina rice, yes it has to be Carolina.
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 gallon of milk
2 cinnamon sticks more if you like it REALLY cinnamonny I use 3
1 stick margarine or butter
Put these ingredients in pot and cook for about 45 minutes, while stirring, till THICK.

In separate bowl mix
1 pint heavy cream
1 tsp (more if you like) vanilla
1 egg

After pudding is cooked add this mixture and cook for an additional 15 minutes. Also at this point I add raisins. Raisins are just if you want them. I add just about a handful. Put in large bowl or foil pan, at this point I take out cinnamon sticks and sprinkle cinnamon on top. Let air cool for a few hours and then put in fridge, serve when cold or warm if you want.
Like I said easy peasy!! Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, February 17

Where oh where are my blog posts??

So I am still trying to get my blog posts to show up on Ravelry and no luck!! Just got a new feed from Casey so lets hope it works. This is really quite annoying!
Anyway still spinning and knitting, and now I have some fleece!!! Yeah!! Some lovely BFL/Romney and even though its a bit dirty on the edges, it spins up quite nicely. I am spinning from the lock after brushing the tips and fluffing it up some. So after I get some spun up I will ply and then clean the skein and see what I get. My friend Lisa aka TsockTsarina, spun some up and its lovely. There is more fleece coming too!! All together its about 5 1/2 lbs of the stuff! Oh the dye pots will be going this year for sure!!
And I am still spinning my Wildberry, boy I have a lot of that stuff!!! I have to say that yarn is just incredible!! I am just loving the colors of that, and I am glad I did 3 ply, it just makes a perfect yarn. I am thinking I will have enough for a lovely sweater, something with cables! Just have to finish spinning it first.
Oh I got my drum carder!!! It's a Strauch Petite and its wonderful!!! I was lucky enough to find Janet from and she let me put it on lay a way!! I got it Friday and it is such fun!! Haven't really played to much with it but I cant wait to start blending fibers, colors and some glitz too!!
Soon there will be some pics of things but right now its late and I am just to tired to play with the camera.
So here's to having my blog posts show up I hope and lots of carding, spinning and knitting/crocheting.

Friday, February 6

S is also for Spinning...

So aside from my knitting, I have been spinning some yarn. Images are clickable for closeups.
The first batch is some colonial mix called Wildberry. I have been spinning this for a long time and have decided to do a 3 ply and glad I did. The colors are just so subtle and wonderful. I still have quite a bit of this to spin up but hopefully by the time I am done there will be plenty for a lovely cabled sweater.
Second batch is some Seawool mix I got at Rhinebeck from, she has the best rovings and yarns!! This is 70% wool 30% seacell. Spins like a dream and I did a very chunky overworked Navajo ply. Wanted something big, bulky and funky. It will be a cowl.
The third batch is a combo of BFL and merino from 2 different rovings. One was from MDSW and the other was a gift from a swap. Not sure what the yardage is or what its going to be but it will be something. So that's some of my spinning escapades. Now I must run, some wildberry is calling me!!

Sunday, February 1

S is for......

Scarf, sweater and socks!!! In other words some FO's.
All are thumbnails and clickable for closer viewing. First the scarf, the basic 1x1 rib in Noro and I love the color changes. This is easy and mindless and warm!! Its the new Noro Tayio, cotton, silk, wool and nylon. Great yarn!!
Second my Wisteria sweater. Easy knit and the yarn is Araicania nature wools, I believe that's right. The pics really don't do this justice, it looks better in person. It's quite warm and comfy to wear too!! Washes nice but does pill a bit, I am hoping that stops.
As for the socks, the yarn is Neo from I just love this yarn!!! It knits like a dream and wears incredible!!! The colors are so delicious, I really need more of this stuff!! I just did a simple sock to show off the yarn and am extremely happy with it. I learned 3 things on this sock, Turkish toe cast on thanks to, Lisa swears by this and if it's good enough for her than it's good enough for me!! Then the short row heel, again thanks Lisa for showing me that one!! And last but not least the E-Z sewn bind off, great for stretchy bind offs for toe up socks. So this was a good learning experience as well and a great pair of socks at the end of it!!
So that's 3 of my FO's in knitting. I have some yarn that was spun up but that comes later, after all that is under Y for yarn, hee hee!!
And very soon there will be the tale of the fiber-napping and its safe return, but if you want to know all about it go here, this starts at post 3002 and goes on. Funny funny stuff!!!