Tuesday, January 23

I am trying to get this up and running but it is not so easy for me. I am going to try to put pictures of my craft room on here so bear with me. I waited a long time for my own room but it was worth it. I took my time and took 3 weeks to finish this room and do it the way I wanted it to be. I love purple and funk therefore my room... Also as you can see I have a nice stash and yet still buy more yarn. Also I am really into fairies I have collected quite a few since this was first done. I will post updated pics when I get my camera charged up. So here is my craft room and my beginnings of my blog. The floor I hand stenciled by myself! Ugh my aching back!!! But very worth it.

The walls are all done in crackle and the room looks very old. It has had some changes but thats the overall jist of it. So I will be posting more soon.