Wednesday, January 9

some spinning projects....

I have been spinning every day so far and loving it. So here are some of the fibers so far..

The pictures are thumbnails and clickable for a closer look.

The pastel multi color is some pencil roving I bought from Its called tropical skittles and I love it. Spun up like a dream, its now plied and on the bobbin setting. The other is a merino tencel firestar batt called sultry shadows. That is just to pretty. It is plied on this bobbin and as of now its twist was set and its drying. So I will be posting pics of that soon too. By the way that was also from Tracey has the best stuff!!! I am also just about done with a sweater I am making for either me or my son, not sure whose getting it yet. I started the sleeves today, I hate doing sleeves, they are just so boring!!

Oh, on Sun I went to Paneras to a knitting get together. It was great, the gals are terrific. Everyone had some great projects both knit and crochet. I learned a few things and saw a great hat pattern. I cant wait to try that, its the Greenery hat from Jen from Ravelry was working on that hat in the most wonderful red. I was immediately taken with it. So she told me where she got the pattern and it was an easy and great pattern. That's next on my list, thanks Jen. I also met Lisa, who is .. I must say she is quite incredible, her patterns are something else. But all the ladies are very talented and nice!! I am really looking forward to going again and seeing what everyone is up to. I get so many ideas from there. And I learned a new cast on from Helen I forgot the name of it but its really cool. Thanks Helen, she is an incredible knitter!!! I am going again this Sun and bringing my wheel. I figure I can get some spinning in. I must say its nice to get together with people who understand my obsession and don't think I am odd.

Today the weather here was 63 degrees!! For Jan that is unbelievable. So I went into my new sun room, just about done, and spun!! It was wonderful, the sun was shinning and the breeze was warm and just perfect. After spinning for a bit I just sat in there and knitted. I cant wait for this to be done. I am looking forward to just hanging out there all spring and summer.

So anyway that's about it for now. I have pics of my lady Eleanore and a handspun vest I did. I will post those another day. Just a spinning update for now. So happy crafting all!!!