Tuesday, April 7

A quick update

It seems I have been so busy lately, doing what? The hell if I know, but anyway here's a quick update.
First off the Feb. Lady sweater is finally done, pics to come soon. The handspun cardigan, still going, almost done with the front. Back is done, now to the sleeves, then to put it all together.
I started another shawl called Night song, really pretty. Doing it with sea silk in peacock, the same as its done here http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/gail-aka-nightsongs.
I am also doing the Japanese vine shawl too in Blue moon Geisha yarn, this is a rectangular shawl. And as usual I have socks on the needles and of course, crocheting an afghan as well.
Spinning.....still working on the black magic woman, have a shawl in mind for that once its done.
On the home front, lets see... Son is single again and living on his own for now. Still in Tennessee and loving being single I might add. Once school is done who knows what will be, he may be going to Ohio to do some recording with his band, here is the link for the my space http://www.myspace.com/ForeverTheGentleman. It seems a record label is quite interested in them. He is supposed to be coming home in July, but I will believe it when I see it. Don't ask me how, but for some reason my son is a traveler. Don't know where he gets it from neither me or his father like being away from home to long. Go figure, but good for him. But we will be going to see him for Easter. And he says he wants to cook Easter dinner for us. He can cook that I know, but he won't tell me what he has in mind. Whatever it is, that's fine. I am just glad we will be together.
And that's about it here, just the usual work and stuff to go along with everything else. I am hoping for a peaceful spring and summer and lots of knitting/crocheting/spinning and dyeing. I have something in the works and still trying to pull it together. Hopefully by the summer it should be ready to go. And that is all I am saying on the matter.
Happy Easter to you all and Happy Passover too!!!! Whatever you celebrate have a wonderful holiday everyone!!!