Sunday, January 27

Finally finished my sultry batts

So I finally finished spinning, plying, and setting the twist on my last batt from Its called sultry shadows and it is wonderful. The batt was super easy to spin and just came out just right. The pictures are clickable thumbnails for a closer look at the colors. The colors are not showing up that great in these pictures but it really is beautiful. I have about 800 yds of this show I am going to do something special with it. It is really soft too.
In other news, well I finished an afghan I made, pics to follow, I also did some socks, and am still working on those @#^$@ sleeves!! I am just about done with the sleeves and then just to sew them in and done!! I should finish them tonight yeah!!!! I figured out how to put pics in my Ravelry notebook and did a few there. So when I am done with the stupid sleeves I will post my picture of my sweater and my other stuff too.
Hubby has been away in Florida since Thursday so I got LOTS of knitting, crocheting and spinning in these past few days. I must say its been strange not having him around here, to quiet. So I am off to meet the ladies from the Ravelry knit up group. Till next time, have fun!!

Thursday, January 17

Color work and Mittens all at once!

So I had about 190 yds of hand spun yarn and needed a project for it.... Hmmmmm what to do, after some searching there they were!! OMG this was perfect for my colorway with black. But I never did color work or mittens sigh... Do I dare, what the heck. So after a few mistakes and learning along the way here they are. So the pattern was very easy to follow and written perfectly!! I had no problem following it at all. I mad a few errors but nothing to horrible. So I am going to do a few pairs of these because I love the way they look and they are sooooooo impressive. Its kind of like cables, looks really hard and impressive but not as hard as they look. That's these, they look harder to do than they are.

Well that's it for now, have lots more things going on so back to knitting, crocheting and spinning!!!To all happy crafting.

Saturday, January 12

A few finished things.

So here are my Lady Elenore and a vest. The LE was done in Noro Kuryon and the vest is some superwash merino fiber I spun up. The vest picture is not to good but you can sort of see the colors. I am pretty sure these pics are clickable thumbnails for a closer look. I really had a good time spinning and making the vest, its my first real spun and wearable object besides a shawl. The LE was so much fun and easier than I thought . I took that to Salem with me in late Oct. on my 25th anniversary and got compliments galore!! I have to say that I fell in love with entrelac after doing that shawl.
Still spinning every day, some new stuff plied and the twist set, so pictures soon. I am pretty sure I am going to do fingerless gloves with the pastel yarn. I just have to see how much I have on the other to add to what I did already and then see. Still working on my sweater too, now I am doing the sleeves, which I find boring. Then onto the other sweater I want to do. I always have lots of projects! So happy crafting and be back soon!

Wednesday, January 9

some spinning projects....

I have been spinning every day so far and loving it. So here are some of the fibers so far..

The pictures are thumbnails and clickable for a closer look.

The pastel multi color is some pencil roving I bought from Its called tropical skittles and I love it. Spun up like a dream, its now plied and on the bobbin setting. The other is a merino tencel firestar batt called sultry shadows. That is just to pretty. It is plied on this bobbin and as of now its twist was set and its drying. So I will be posting pics of that soon too. By the way that was also from Tracey has the best stuff!!! I am also just about done with a sweater I am making for either me or my son, not sure whose getting it yet. I started the sleeves today, I hate doing sleeves, they are just so boring!!

Oh, on Sun I went to Paneras to a knitting get together. It was great, the gals are terrific. Everyone had some great projects both knit and crochet. I learned a few things and saw a great hat pattern. I cant wait to try that, its the Greenery hat from Jen from Ravelry was working on that hat in the most wonderful red. I was immediately taken with it. So she told me where she got the pattern and it was an easy and great pattern. That's next on my list, thanks Jen. I also met Lisa, who is .. I must say she is quite incredible, her patterns are something else. But all the ladies are very talented and nice!! I am really looking forward to going again and seeing what everyone is up to. I get so many ideas from there. And I learned a new cast on from Helen I forgot the name of it but its really cool. Thanks Helen, she is an incredible knitter!!! I am going again this Sun and bringing my wheel. I figure I can get some spinning in. I must say its nice to get together with people who understand my obsession and don't think I am odd.

Today the weather here was 63 degrees!! For Jan that is unbelievable. So I went into my new sun room, just about done, and spun!! It was wonderful, the sun was shinning and the breeze was warm and just perfect. After spinning for a bit I just sat in there and knitted. I cant wait for this to be done. I am looking forward to just hanging out there all spring and summer.

So anyway that's about it for now. I have pics of my lady Eleanore and a handspun vest I did. I will post those another day. Just a spinning update for now. So happy crafting all!!!

Monday, January 7

I will update very soon

I know I have not blogged in a VERY long time. But I will try to keep this updated this year. Even if I dont have pictures I will post something. I have been very busy with my knitting, crocheting and spinning this year. But for the most part I took the year off! I didnt garden, or open the pool or anything! This summer, fall was very lazy for me and I needed it. Just wasnt into anything this year. Though my DH and I did go to Salem for our 25th wedding anniversary this year. Our anniversary is the end of Oct. so it was perfect timing. What a blast we had. We stayed at what a lovely hotel. The town was wonderful but everything closed up really early even at the height of toursit time. I even found a yarn shop! But nothing jumped out at me so I managed to not buy yarn that time LOL.
My spinning has been coming out nicely and I even made a vest for myself from my hand spun yarn. I promise to take pics this week and update my blog. I finished quite a few projects. So anyway the holidays were great but I am glad they are done, now back to normal. I am off to work soon but really just wanted to let everyone know, yes I am still alive and well.
I also joined Ravelry and am getting used to that. That board was way to overwhelming at first. But after a bit you can figure it all out. There is nothing you cant find on there!!
So hope everyone has a great New Year and I will be posting more regularly, a new years resloution. So till next time happy knitting, crocheting, spinning or whatever it is you do!!