Monday, February 26

A Lendrum it will be....

So yesterday I went to my friend Nancy's house, also known as AJASTOY on the boards and she has a blog . Yes thats me on her Lendrum wheel. I love that wheel!! I was really going to get the Kromski Minstrel, really based on looks and a few other things. But then I tried the Lendrum and love it. Boy that is a solid wheel and spins like a dream!! Plus for the money it is a better deal. I really love the look of the castle wheels but I must admit they don't even match my house. I have a very comtemporary house and no wood or country styling at all. Its all mirror, glass, lacquer and such. So really the Lendrum will also match much better, not that it would matter really. But I really did enjoy spinning on it.

Yesterday was a great afternoon, we chatted, nibbled and just talked fiber. Plus we were on the Internet checking out the fibers and accessories and yearning for it all. Its nice to have a pal nearby who understands my obsession LOL

On the SP front.... My great sp sent me a wonderful book. Its wrap style and what wonderful patterns it has in it!!! Thank you sp!! She really is spoiling me unbelievably! I had that book on my wish list.

Now if only I could get back to my peacock shawl. I just haven't had the time to really sit and concentrate so I have been working on my mindless projects. But I must get into gear on that one. I would love to enter it in the Long Island Fair come the fall. Plus I want to do a blanket for that too. Last year I entered 5 things and took 4 ribbons. My Afghan took 1st place!! What a shock, it was the first time I ever entered anything in a fair. Here is a picture of it. The pics are thumbnails and clickable for close ups.

So that's my Cathedral Rose Window Afghan. I must say it was fun to make and is over 7ft across. A tote I made took 3rd and my Irish soda bread took 3rd also. My zucchini nut bread took 2nd, and the rainbow cookies that everyone said would win, nothing LOL go figure. But that's ok it was a great day and lots of fun. So until the next time happy knitting, crocheting and spinning!!

Saturday, February 17

my valentine from my sp

Look what my sp sent me for Valentines day! Excuse the open minitures bag but I couldnt help myself. The pictures are thumbnails and clickable for closer viewing.
The tote already has my wool in it from spinning class and its perfect for some of my projects. I love the bag!!! The color is soooo pretty and the tee shirt she made for me!! I love it, and it fits just right. And look at the cool note, she is really talented. Thank you sp for the wonderful package.

Saturday, February 10

look what my sp made for me

My sp from knitty made me these,,,

They are beautiful handmade point protectors in a beautiful little fabric bag! Thank you sp! I love them and I was just thinking I needed to get some of these, the LYS where I teach had some from zecca but they are really expensive and these are much much nicer!! Thank you, thank you sp you are the best!!! These are perfect, they fit my fav size needles. I already tried them LOL I also love the note, I dont know how you did that but I would love to learn that. Very talented arent you sp?? Thank you again and now off to work.

Friday, February 9

I now know how to ply

I learned how to ply today at my spinning class. I thought it would be harder but it is easier than I thought. Here are som pictures which are thumbnails and clickable.

I love spinning and cant wait to get my wheel. Soon I will have one soon. I love the traveller wheel by ashford and will be getting that one. For my first wheel it will be perfect, I am sure I will get more than one, that seems to be the way it goes for spinners.
This yarn will be a scarf for me when I finish spinning the rest of the roving and plying it. It may be lumpy and bumpy and thick and thin but I love it.
Now after I get the hang of the spinning of the roving I will learn how to go from the animal to the roving. But first things first.
I ordered 1lb of merino from copper moose and it is just yummy!!!

This is just so wonderful and the prices are reasonable too. I will be ordering more from them I am sure. They have all sorts of fibers and goodies. So I figure if I start buying fibers now I will have enough for spinning when I get my wheel. Oh and I found my spindle spinner but am not sure how to work it yet. I have an idea but I need lots and lots of practice. I like the idea of being able to spin wherever I go. So That's my spinning tales this week.
I also worked on my peacock shawl but have no new pictures yet, that is one project you must pay attention to when you are working on it. But I am glad to be learning lace knitting, its something I wanted to do this year.
So I am learning to spin yarn and knit lace so far. That's 2 of the on the to do list for 2007. I have a few more I want to accomplish but 2 things and its only February.
Oh my sp on knitty sent me the cutest valentine card, speaking of February. She is really the greatest sp!! I get email and messages from her and now I have to be on the look out for goodies!!! I don't know who she is but I have 2 clues so far. An I am not sure at all my sp is a she but I am pretty sure my sp is a she. We have quite a few gents on the board too!
But whoever my sp is I am getting very spoiled by the attention.
Well that's about it for now, till next time happy knitting, crocheting and spinning!!

Friday, February 2

some yarn I made and my peacock shawl

I spun some more yarn today! I made yarn from a dorset sheep named Nikki from Long Island Livestock. Tabbethia from supplies the "bumps". So here are the pictures of my yarn

Tabbethia says I am doing really well and I seem to have sort of found my groove. I love spinning yarn.

Also here are some pictures of the beginnings of my peacock shawl . I started and then ripped it out and started over. I got some great tips from KR. First off I made transparent copies so I could flip them and work back from the center. Also I got a magnifying lamp that I can use so I don't lose my yarn overs. I must say this is not "hard" so much as you MUST pay attention. Or a least I must, this is my first lace project.

These images are thumbnails and clickable to get a closer look. This shawl is going to be my lace entry into the long island state fair I hope. That's if I get it done and if it comes out good enough. One of the ladies from the Village knitter, Joy, just did the swallowtail shawl and it came out stunning. She is an incredible knitter here is her blog Her work is beautiful and she is really quick too!!! So anyway that's about it for now. I am busy trying to get my projects done and still learn some new things.
I also am busy at I am teaching some classes there and I really enjoy it. I just finished a 2 part crochet 101 and the ladies did amazing!! Way to go gals!! Next is Vintage shell purse, more crochet 101, purse lining, and felted clogs so far. It is really fun to teach the craft and pass it on.
So that's about it for now, till the next time. Thank you all for your very kind and encouraging comments. They are much appreciated . TTFN (ta ta for now)