Tuesday, February 17

Where oh where are my blog posts??

So I am still trying to get my blog posts to show up on Ravelry and no luck!! Just got a new feed from Casey so lets hope it works. This is really quite annoying!
Anyway still spinning and knitting, and now I have some fleece!!! Yeah!! Some lovely BFL/Romney and even though its a bit dirty on the edges, it spins up quite nicely. I am spinning from the lock after brushing the tips and fluffing it up some. So after I get some spun up I will ply and then clean the skein and see what I get. My friend Lisa aka TsockTsarina, spun some up and its lovely. There is more fleece coming too!! All together its about 5 1/2 lbs of the stuff! Oh the dye pots will be going this year for sure!!
And I am still spinning my Wildberry, boy I have a lot of that stuff!!! I have to say that yarn is just incredible!! I am just loving the colors of that, and I am glad I did 3 ply, it just makes a perfect yarn. I am thinking I will have enough for a lovely sweater, something with cables! Just have to finish spinning it first.
Oh I got my drum carder!!! It's a Strauch Petite and its wonderful!!! I was lucky enough to find Janet from http://www.the-wheel-thing.com/ and she let me put it on lay a way!! I got it Friday and it is such fun!! Haven't really played to much with it but I cant wait to start blending fibers, colors and some glitz too!!
Soon there will be some pics of things but right now its late and I am just to tired to play with the camera.
So here's to having my blog posts show up I hope and lots of carding, spinning and knitting/crocheting.


Robyn said...

fleece, drum carder, spinning wheel...I can't think of anything else you could possibly need (in the whole wide world)!

OfTroy said...

Your link to/from ravelry works!
I got here from there!

great! i tend to use the ravelry friends blog feature --and if a link doesn't work.. i tend to miss blog posts..

Ryan said...

Yep, worked for me too! I agree with Helen- if it doesn't show up the friends page, I usually miss it. Glad I'll be able to see your updates now!

teabird said...

I know it's redundant, but I have everyone in my Bloglines, too.

Anonymous said...

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