Thursday, May 7

Yes another Febuary Lady Sweater

Yep here is another one...
Done in Dream in Color, classy, Some Summer Sky. Really love the yarn, it works up great and not pilly. This sweater is really an easy knit and goes pretty quick.

And now for a for a shawl....
Revontuli, done in Kauni EQ rainbow. This was a bit tricky to figure out in the beginning, but once I did it is going relatively quick, but the rows are getting longer now. I can't wait to see this done up. In fact I am off to do some more right now.
I have a few more projects going but another time for those. I frogged my Peacock feathers shawl and have started over. I had a little over 100 rows done, but there was a slight mistake in it and it bothered me. In fact I let it sit for over a year till I finally realised the only way I was going to keep going on it was to frog and start over. Yep, the little mistake bothered me that much, no one else would have seen it probably, but I would have known it was there. Just the fact that I would not work on it says it all. But first I must finish my rainbow shawl.
Happy knitting!!!