Thursday, January 15

Just a quick update

So here it is 2009 and my first blog entry. Anyway just a quick update:
First off its snowing and looks really pretty. Not much snow this year so far and that's OK!! I have to post some FO pics, maybe tomorrow or Sunday. I did get my Wisteria sweater done and my socks are just about there. Also I have a scarf just about half way there. So lots of knitting and crocheting going on. On the spinning front, I have some yarn done in some pretty blue/lavenders and that has to get posted, just finished doing some sea wool and plied that. That has to have the twist set and dried then posted. I still have more sea wool to spin just not sure if I want to Navajo ply it like I did the last batch.
Son is still in Tennessee and so far so good. I also have 2 grand bunnies!!! Gatsby and Belle, 2 lop ear babies!! Lets hope it stays at 2!!
On a sad note my cat of 18 years has passed away. Her name was Taz and she died Thursday night in her sleep. She really did have a good run though, quite a few times we thought she wasn't going to make it through the night. And about 10 years ago she drank some anti-freeze so we thought that was it, she was really sick, but she rallied back and gave us more time. So rest in peace Tazzie we will miss you.
As for the rest well nothing much going on, winter you know. Just working and knitting/crocheting/spinning.
I will try to post more often this year and be a bit more consistent. Now if I could just get my link for Ravelry to work to show the posts!! I have tried everything and just cant get it. I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong, but I know its something.
So till next time....Be well