Monday, October 5

A blue ribbon for the lady

So every year around this time is the Long Island Fair at Bethpage Restoration Village. And every year I want to enter some things in it, but do I??? No!! I did about 3 years ago and then finally again this year. So I just made the entry deadline by the skin of my teeth, I actually had to go there to hand in the paper.
I entered 4 things, my wildberry sweater, my medallion tote, a pair of socks and the lady Elenore shawl. The wildberry sweater is really only exceptional in the fact that is it my hand spun yarn really, the pattern is not a difficult one. The medallion tote is a beauty, the socks done ok and quite a boring pattern, and a few mistakes in them. I threw them into the fair kind of as an afterthought. The lady Elenore is quite stunning but an easy peasy knit! It is entrelac and the yarn Noro does all the work but all in all it is quite pretty.

Well the sweater no prize, the tote nothing there either. The socks, 3rd prize, go figure. And the shawl 1st!! Hubby was so proud he took a cell phone pic...

I have to say I was very happy to see that ribbon!! Last time I entered I took a blue ribbon for an afghan I made. I really loved seeing everyones beautiful work. There was some incredible things there. Something about that place I just find very peaceful. The fair this year was quite crowded and even though it was quite a bit more commercial than it used to be I still love it.