Tuesday, May 8

We went, we saw, we bought!!

So we, Nancy and I, are back from the Maryland sheep and wool festival and boy did we have fun!!! We left here around 2:30 am Friday night and got there by 7:30 am sat. morning. We of course ran straight to the fold to get on line and we were 2nd and 3rd weee!! So when they opened the booth after taking the sheets off the STR yarn and letting us drool we ran for it. But we all helped each other, you know can you get a this color or that color for me?? Sure no problem and I got 6 wonderful skeins of yarn. Oh happy day!! Then off to the main bldg for my woolee winder, I was really afraid they would run out of those too. But I wasn't sure I was going to get one, till I tried it that is LOL. Well after not even 5 min of spinning I was sold, what a difference that makes in my spinning. Well worth the money and then some, now I just have to get some more bobbins, but I have to wait a bit due to my budget LOL. I also got some wonderful fiber and a terrific drop spindle from Kid Hollow Farm. The roving was wonderful. I also found a beautiful purple basket from Robin spinning wheels, what wonderful baskets and not overpriced either. Plus of course my tee shirt and backpack that say Maryland Sheep and Wool festival. Plus some other yarns and fibers as well as you can see in the pics.
The pencil roving did not come out good in the picture but it is lovely in greens rusts and blues. I never tried that so I got it for the drop spindle. And my STR skein is making my basket stand up better LOL I also got some BFL from Little Barn to try, I have heard so much about it. I am still a new spinner and am trying all sorts of things. And I got to see in person many of the things I hear about. You see around here there is only one store that has any kind of spinning supplies and lets face it there is a whole world of stuff out there!!! So I must say for my first festival ever I think I did pretty good. I got what I wanted and saw the things I was curious about and had a wonderful time. Nancy and I laughed a lot this weekend and it was nice to go with someone who could appreciate all there was to see. My friend Nancy bought up a storm!!! Boy I thought I got a lot she makes me look like an ametur LOL. She got some great drop spindles made from olive wood from the fold. And she is teaching me how to use my drop spindle, I wasnt going to buy one but she convinced me I could do it, we shall see. We had to go back to the car on the first day to unload some of the treasure. We just couldnt hold it all and still shop for more. In fact the car a Nissian Murano was packed to the max buy Sunday when we left!! Good thing we had lots of room in it. And while I didnt buy a new wheel I did try out the Kromski Minstrel and it is very nice!!! I also got to see some of the other wheels I was interested in. I must say I love my Lendrum!! My hubby as wonderful as he is would not like this type of thing and was soooo happy when I told him I was going with my friend. He did not want any part of this LOL. But I did bring home the HUGE eclairs for him, I never in my life saw such huge eclairs. But I never did find the fried Twinkies sigh.... But I did enjoy all the wonderful lamb dishes there. And the ribbon chips where incredible!!! Now that's a treat!
Plus I got to meet up with some wonderful knitty board friends. Turtlegirl and Trillian looked nice in the matching tomatoes and they both even had pomatomus socks on!! I met a few others and for the life of me I cant remember names. Sorry I am soooo bad with names. But it was nice to meet you all. So for now that's it and I am ready for Rhinebeck!! Right now I am going to play with some of the goodies. I already have the woolee winder on and going and am in love!! Now to go knit some socks and stuff!! So hope everyone who was there had as much fun as Nancy and I and got as much goodies. Next year I will be more prepared for all the sensory overload.
So till next time happy knitting and spinning!!!