Saturday, April 21

The noni is done!

So here is my noni bag all done and ready for spring. I made a large one but it is more of a knitting bag, to big for me to use as a purse. So I just modified the pattern and here it the little noni. These are before and after felting pictures.

So there it is in all its glory LOL. I really loved making this bag. It was super easy. The first bag I did came out way to big for a purse so I will use it as a knitting bag. I just modified the patter a bit and came out with the "little Noni". I am ready for spring and not a moment to soon.
In other news I am getting ready to go to the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival Yeah!!! My friend Nancy and I are soooo excited and we get to go without the hubby's. So they wont be behind us going " are you done yet?" We are also going to Rhinebeck and rented a room at a The Beekman arms right in the center of town. The best part is we can take the train there!! I love train rides and we can knit there and back and no traffic to deal with. So that's about it for now. I am really busy with work and putting my house back in order. We had all the rooms painted and so now we must get it back together. What a mess, the Spackle dust went everywhere but my walls look brand new!!! So it was worth it. So happy knitting and crocheting and have a great day!