Thursday, March 8

Thank you Knitmommy!!

Look what I got from my not so sp Tasha aka knitmommy from

So thank you Tasha!! She is the most incredible sp ever!!! I have been completely spoiled! These stitch markers are incredible! What talent she has and the rings are nice and thick and wont get lost in between the stitches. And Burts Bees stuff oh heaven!! I love burts bees anything and have not tried this hand cream or the lip balm. They are both wonderful. I usually just stick with the few products I have tried and dont venture to the other ones. But now I will most definitly get these as well as my regular standbys. So Thank you again for the goodies, it was so nice to have a package in the mail for me today.

My wheel is here!!!

So on Tuesday my Lendrum DT complete wheel arrived. That is super quick, I only ordered it on Thursday. Thank you Woolery!! I am having soooo much fun with this wheel. It spins like a dream and the free fiber is spinning really nice too!! I got the bag with it and it was a steal at 1/2 price with the wheel, a great padded bag. So here are some pictures of my lovely yet unnamed wheel and some of the fiber I spun on it.
The blue fiber is something I have but I am having a bit of trouble spinning it. It is different and I have to get used to it. It isn't a springy as the stuff I am used to. But I do love spinning on this baby!!! It is going to take some practice but I am getting better already!! And I have 6lbs of fiber coming from Canada to play with Yippee!! So that's what I have been up to. I am a spinning fool!!