Wednesday, February 6

Schools Out!!

So I took this quiz and this is what it says.....
So I know why I am at my best at around 4:00 pm!! I also now know why I like working nights. I have always been a night person and dont see that changing any time soon.
On the knitting/crocheting front,,, I have been doing prayer shawls for my church and still doing my other projects. Plus I am in the middle of spinning my pound of colonial from copper moose. Its wildberry and I got it a while ago but just now spinning it. It is so sutle and really beautiful. Cant wait to see it plied up, I think I may do three ply with this. I dont have pics right now but nothing really complete yet either. Unlike some people I am not a super fast knitter and I dont commute by train so I dont get to knit to and from work either. I am so jelous of people who commute!!
Well off to bed, its been a rough day. I had my mamogram appt today and the technician was just BRUTAL!! Oh boy did she flatten the girls today!! I had imprints of the pattern from the machine on them!! But its a necessary evil and at least its done. Now I have to wait 2 weeks for the results, fun!! But I am not worried I figure if there was something there that had to be taken care of the tech would have made the doctor look at it right away. So have a great weekend everyone.