Monday, May 5

Oh how I love MDSW!!!!!

Well we made it there and back and in one piece with lots of goodies!!! I went with 2 friends, Lynn and Karen. Karen owns the Village Knitter . Well we stayed at the Sheraton where the Ravelry party, that was lots of fun!!
Great give aways and overall very nice. So I made out like a bandit!! I spent my alloted monies with 28 dollars left over!! But look at the haul!!!!!!!! Most of the pics are thumbnails to get a better view just click on them. The white fluffy fiber can be seen much better close up!! So can the rovings and fibers..

So after thinking about it for a year I went to Tess Yarns and got the Window pane pattern and ribbon yarn for it. I must say her yarns are great but the girl has a serious attitude problem. She acts like everyone is bothering her!!! I also got some sock yarn from her, the pink/purple/yellow and grey skeins and am waiting for the entrelac pattern. The white angora/sparkle I just couldn't resist, it will be a shawl/wrap and its from Mohair in Motion. She had some great stuff. Also lots of fiber, the purple/teal/blue is wool and silk from I was going to only get 8oz but had to get a pound. The white/green is Alpaca/merino/mohair from All Strings Considered, great stuff. Plus I got some wenslydale and BFL braids from flying fibers and some Cormo and kid mohair from ??? I know I have the card. The pink/white/green braid is merino/silk from Cloverhill farms. And some silk hankies, some Mountain colors yarn and some jojoland yarn with the dragon shawl pattern. Some Tillie Thomas who we met and is just a great person. and lets see, some hand carders and some baby alpaca and some angora/alpaca roving and some Finn top roving and of course the kettle corn, and eclairs came home with me too!!!
The Ravelry meet up was really crowded but I did get my button with my avatar sticker. The
Ravelry party was really nice and I won some wool wash/rinse!!! The give aways were just incredible 70 in all I believe. The Sheraton was a great hotel and most definitely will be going back there next year. The weather held up and we had 2 beautiful days!!! Sunshine and warmth. We hit no traffic going there, getting to and from the festival both days and really no traffic on the way home. Just a little in Staten Island of course and some on the VNB into the Belt parkway. But really not bad.
However the one glich... Garmin!!! I have a retarded Garmin!!! She took us to Maryland via Baltimore!!! I mean THROUGH Baltimore!!! Don't ask me why but when it said to get off 95 after getting back on from the rest stop we did. Why??? Don't know because we really knew better but we figured it knew what it was doing. WRONG!!!!! But we got to see some really interesting sights!!! Some parts are really nice and others well...... At one point every other building was a BAR!!! It was a bit funny, we were going to stop at.... are you ready for this??? SKEETERS Pub!!!! There really is a Skeeters Pub, but no we weren't going to stop. And then on the way to the resteraunt we wound up on this road that is just insane!!! Very narrow and winding. Then in the middle of the woods on this road is a stream and an abandoned "mill" I think it was a mill and there it was..... the Tallahatchie Bridge!!! Well that's what it looked like to us anyway. I mean really kids fishing in this stream and this bridge in the middle of no where. I was something out of a movie I tell ya!!! But I think that "road" was one of the prettiest I have ever seen and am glad we wound up on it. The restaurant was very nice, quite large too, yes we finally did get there.
Saturday the festival was mobbed!!! And why would people wait on line for an hour for a t-shirt is just beyond me!!! I wont waste my shopping time for a t-shirt. But we did get some wonderful stuff that you just cant find here, like the fiber and some of the yarns. There was a lot of local and small farmers that sold things they spun, dyed, or both. So I am set for quite a while LOL So hope everyone who went had just as good a time as us and if you didn't go I really think every knitter/crocheter/spinner/fiber person should go at least once!! It is not to be believed. Well off to work now YUCK!! But tomorrow I have all my goodness to play with!!!