Saturday, March 3

Lookee what I got!

So my sp sent me the coolest pen with journal. The pen lights up!! I tried to take a picture of if lit up but I don't think it came out. Here are the pictures

The pen is lit here, its red and really cool!!

I think I know who my sp is but not 100% sure. I left a post on the board and am waiting to see if I am right. I love this journal and pen!!! And the pen says Marie, my middle name!! I am going to use this to keep track of my spinning progress. Speaking on spinning.... I finally got to order my wheel!!! I ordered a Lendrum folding dt wheel from the Woolery. Its the complete with the bag and 2 1/2 lbs of fiber to spin!! I am sooooooo excited, it should be here in about a week. Then I will be spinning my little heart out. So that's what I have been up to. That and making things for my classes that I teaching. I have been teaching quite a few classes lately and really enjoying it. Its so nice to be able to pass on this wonderful craft of knitting and crocheting. I am very happy that both are really in "style" now. A lot of young people are really showing an interest in learning. Here is a picture of a purse that I am teaching.

You really cant see the handle, but its there, its a round acrylic handle. This is called a shell purse and has a crocheted liner. It can be made in cotton, acrylic, wool or I even did one in a black and silver metallic with a silver lining and fancy handles for an evening purse. So that's whats been going on here. So thank you again sp for being so wonderful and to all happy knitting and crocheting..