Wednesday, August 20


So I re-dipped my fibers in the indigo vat and I just love the colors!!! The pictures don't do the color justice, they are really darker and richer than they show. But here they are...
So the top is superwash merino and it shaded so perfectly, can't wait to spin that up. Next is Lisa's BFL, she spun that up and when she heard I was going to play in the indigo vat she handed me the skein and said here try this, so I did and I am glad to say she likes it!!! The next one is cormo and it is dark like the BFL and just beautiful, or should I say Bluetiful!! The yarn in the next picture is knitpicks lace weight, oh that is just the perfect shade of blue. I am going to do another skein of that and see if I can match it. So that's what I have been up to. I have some more superwash in the vat now and am planning to throw my yellow dyed samples or at least some of the samples in to the vat and see what happens. This has been a blast!!