Wednesday, February 20

When will the house be done???

So here I am looking at my dead yard and hearing the wind blow and think.... This Sucks!!! I am not a winter person, the only good thing about winter is I knit/crochet/spin more. I dont like snow at all, not fond of cold weather and would rather be outside in my new sunroom. Right now my DH and I are in the middle of redecorating, you see its like this....
I had to get a couch for the sunroom and also I wanted a couch for the den. The loveseat in the den was just not comfy and I hated it, and since I am the one who sits in the den it matters. So while hunting for 2 couches we decided it would make more sense to just get new couches for the living room and put those 2 in the other rooms. We have 7 year old "new" couches in the living room. For some reason no one uses the living room, probably because there is not a TV in there. So thats how this whole thing started! Then it was new lamps because the lamps we had didnt match the couches and we had just gotten new tables for the living room so they were good. Then it was a new area rug because the other one wasnt just right!! And of course the carpet no longer matched so we are getting new carpet. This sun room is getting very expensive!! But the couches we found are just perfect, here is a picture of the loveseat. We bought 2 couches because my living room is long and needs 2 couches rather than a loveseat and chair. But what a cool set.You cant see it on this picture but the fabric has little "bubbles" embosed on the fabric. They kind of look like champagne bubbles. I love the chrome feet!! So hopefully by Easter all will be done. Right now its just trying to put all this together. The sunroom still has to be tiled, we bought porclian tile for that at a bargin!! Then the carpet then we can get the couches. But what a hassel trying to find everything. All because I hated my loveseat in the den!! Mind you I have lived in this house for 17 years and redecorated a number of times. Hubby and I get bored so we change things alot. I am on my 5th kitchen set and this will be my 3rd living room set. Carpet, well lets see.... berber, teal, black, rasberry and now purple!! Den... have had 3 couches in there so far and recarpeted 4 times so this will be the 5th recarpet job. On my 2nd bedroom set but ready for a new one LOL. The color of my bedroom has changed quite a few times too!! And thats not even mentioning the outside which we are constantly doing something. Although we did take last year off, no big projects no crazy yardwork nothing! Now its back to work. So thats what I have been up to and of course lots of knitting and stuff. But right now off to do some errands. Till next time have fun!!