Sunday, February 1

S is for......

Scarf, sweater and socks!!! In other words some FO's.
All are thumbnails and clickable for closer viewing. First the scarf, the basic 1x1 rib in Noro and I love the color changes. This is easy and mindless and warm!! Its the new Noro Tayio, cotton, silk, wool and nylon. Great yarn!!
Second my Wisteria sweater. Easy knit and the yarn is Araicania nature wools, I believe that's right. The pics really don't do this justice, it looks better in person. It's quite warm and comfy to wear too!! Washes nice but does pill a bit, I am hoping that stops.
As for the socks, the yarn is Neo from I just love this yarn!!! It knits like a dream and wears incredible!!! The colors are so delicious, I really need more of this stuff!! I just did a simple sock to show off the yarn and am extremely happy with it. I learned 3 things on this sock, Turkish toe cast on thanks to, Lisa swears by this and if it's good enough for her than it's good enough for me!! Then the short row heel, again thanks Lisa for showing me that one!! And last but not least the E-Z sewn bind off, great for stretchy bind offs for toe up socks. So this was a good learning experience as well and a great pair of socks at the end of it!!
So that's 3 of my FO's in knitting. I have some yarn that was spun up but that comes later, after all that is under Y for yarn, hee hee!!
And very soon there will be the tale of the fiber-napping and its safe return, but if you want to know all about it go here, this starts at post 3002 and goes on. Funny funny stuff!!!


Mom2fur said...

You do really beautiful work!

LICraftgal said...

Thank you!

Jennifer said...

hey.... I know that sock yarn! Neo never looked better ;-)