Friday, February 6

S is also for Spinning...

So aside from my knitting, I have been spinning some yarn. Images are clickable for closeups.
The first batch is some colonial mix called Wildberry. I have been spinning this for a long time and have decided to do a 3 ply and glad I did. The colors are just so subtle and wonderful. I still have quite a bit of this to spin up but hopefully by the time I am done there will be plenty for a lovely cabled sweater.
Second batch is some Seawool mix I got at Rhinebeck from, she has the best rovings and yarns!! This is 70% wool 30% seacell. Spins like a dream and I did a very chunky overworked Navajo ply. Wanted something big, bulky and funky. It will be a cowl.
The third batch is a combo of BFL and merino from 2 different rovings. One was from MDSW and the other was a gift from a swap. Not sure what the yardage is or what its going to be but it will be something. So that's some of my spinning escapades. Now I must run, some wildberry is calling me!!

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