Saturday, March 28

A little of this and that

Trying to get some things finished to start new things... Let's see I am almost done with FebruaryLady sweater...Done in Dream in Color Classy Some Summer Sky.
And spinning up some Black Magic Woman from . Her stuff is just amazing!! I have plans for this when its yarn!!!

This stuff spins like a dream and it is just so pretty!! One of the girls, Amy, from my Sunday knitting group made a shawl from this and I just had to have it. I have 8 oz of wonderful fiber to spin up and then knit.
Also I am knitting a cardigan from my wildberry.
I am not showing picture though, you will have to wait until its finished. But I am very happy with this as yarn and how its knitting up!! The colors are just amazing on this, its blue,green, purple all in one!! This picture of the yarn does NOT do it justice, the colors just are not popping in the picture. The sweater I am doing is this The cables are showing up quite nicely too! I was not sure if they would with the dark color, but they are. So anyway that's about it for now. Hopefully next time I will have finished the cardigan and have pictures.