Wednesday, August 12

Art or yarn? How about both

So this past weekend I had a workshop for spinning. And let me just say it was incredible!! The things I learned were just amazing. Jacey Boggs from was teaching and she is an excellent teacher. Her way of teaching is to listen, then watch, then do. Then if need be ask questions and watch again. I really did learn a lot and had a blast doing it. I met some really nice people too! Here are some of the yarns I did....
We did many types of yarns, coils, beehives, cocoons, auto wrap, core wrap, super coils(my fav), integrated objects, and Incorporated objects, and knots and twists and a few other things. The place was in NYC right in the heart of the South Street Seaport. The building was beautiful and the view was incredible!!!

The Brooklyn Bridge was right there and quite lovely! All in all it was a great weekend and full of fun. I highly recommend taking one of her workshops if you get the chance.