Thursday, June 19

So far so good!

So I still have my jars in the sun and have added a couple more, geraniums and a type of lily. Stella D'Orio Lily to be exact and the colors are coming. But the weather here has not been super so its slow going. The dandelion root did nothing so I dumped that to make room for more lilies soon to bloom. I also put some sage in a jar but so far I am less than thrilled with it, we shall see. The geraniums are great, such a great color, and I mixed my lavendar and hot pink flowers together. I really need to start boiling this stuff too.
The indigo vat...well still collecting so far and then after that sits for a bit I will add the indigo, I think by next week I should be ready. We shall see what happens there.
I am going to order some more natural dyes too, and some mordants. I have been checking the Ravelry boards and seeing what everyone is doing and getting lots of ideas.
In fact I dyed some yarn with my left over coffee and it came out so pretty. I have it drying right now but pics to come. As I said so far so good. It is a learning process and I am learning a lot. The Ravelry board is a great source for information. In fact I have to order 2 books on dyeing. These 2 books seem to be what most are recomending so thats what I will get. I must say I am getting tons of pleasure from doing the natural and solar dyeing. Its just something I am enjoying learning about and playing with.
Well I will let you all know what happens with my experiments.