Sunday, January 27

Finally finished my sultry batts

So I finally finished spinning, plying, and setting the twist on my last batt from Its called sultry shadows and it is wonderful. The batt was super easy to spin and just came out just right. The pictures are clickable thumbnails for a closer look at the colors. The colors are not showing up that great in these pictures but it really is beautiful. I have about 800 yds of this show I am going to do something special with it. It is really soft too.
In other news, well I finished an afghan I made, pics to follow, I also did some socks, and am still working on those @#^$@ sleeves!! I am just about done with the sleeves and then just to sew them in and done!! I should finish them tonight yeah!!!! I figured out how to put pics in my Ravelry notebook and did a few there. So when I am done with the stupid sleeves I will post my picture of my sweater and my other stuff too.
Hubby has been away in Florida since Thursday so I got LOTS of knitting, crocheting and spinning in these past few days. I must say its been strange not having him around here, to quiet. So I am off to meet the ladies from the Ravelry knit up group. Till next time, have fun!!