Monday, January 7

I will update very soon

I know I have not blogged in a VERY long time. But I will try to keep this updated this year. Even if I dont have pictures I will post something. I have been very busy with my knitting, crocheting and spinning this year. But for the most part I took the year off! I didnt garden, or open the pool or anything! This summer, fall was very lazy for me and I needed it. Just wasnt into anything this year. Though my DH and I did go to Salem for our 25th wedding anniversary this year. Our anniversary is the end of Oct. so it was perfect timing. What a blast we had. We stayed at what a lovely hotel. The town was wonderful but everything closed up really early even at the height of toursit time. I even found a yarn shop! But nothing jumped out at me so I managed to not buy yarn that time LOL.
My spinning has been coming out nicely and I even made a vest for myself from my hand spun yarn. I promise to take pics this week and update my blog. I finished quite a few projects. So anyway the holidays were great but I am glad they are done, now back to normal. I am off to work soon but really just wanted to let everyone know, yes I am still alive and well.
I also joined Ravelry and am getting used to that. That board was way to overwhelming at first. But after a bit you can figure it all out. There is nothing you cant find on there!!
So hope everyone has a great New Year and I will be posting more regularly, a new years resloution. So till next time happy knitting, crocheting, spinning or whatever it is you do!!