Sunday, May 31

A really great day

So yesterday was the Amityville Fair, the historical society has one every year. And like last year a bunch of us from the
West Babylon/Panera knitters, went and hung out for the day. This year again we just hung out, well we also did some knitting/crocheting/spinning too!!
It seems that we were quite a show, people were just fascinated by the spinning. Grown men just stood there with there not quite sure what to make of it all. There were pictures taken and lots of question asked and answered. Children were really drawn to us, they just had to know what was going on. And people were very impressed that we all knit/crochet too. It seems that not alot of people knit/crochet they say, hmmmmm...... I don't know I think there are many knitters/crocheters around, people aren't looking in the right places.
But yesterday was the perfect weather, not to hot not to chilly and just a slight breeze. We sat under a wonderful cherry tree and had a grand time for ourselves. A few of us took a nice walk to get lunch for the group, what a lovely village.
I have to say our group is quite terrific!!! I know I may be a bit prejudice but really we are a great group. We laugh alot, and really have a great time when we get together. You see I have been to a few groups that were not so friendly, they don't really make you feel welcome. I have felt like I was intruding on a private club. Us, the more the merrier, come on down and pull up a chair!!! So if you are ever in West Babylon on a Sunday from 1:00 on, come to Paneras on Montauk highway across from Kmart. We will be there, you will be able to spot us, we are right in the front section to the left right behind the coffee station, plus you will hear us for sure!!
So thank you Rena for inviting us to the fair, we had the most wonderful day. And next year for sure we will be there again, because now it's something we look forward to!!
Of course I have no pictures, because I forgot my camera at home. Sorry about that.

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