Monday, May 25

It took longer than I thought!!

So I started this Revontuli shawl in the beginning of May thinking I would have it done in a week. Yeah right, it seems that the yard work got in the way. When it was not raining I was in the yard. I had much to do, cleaning, planting and such. Hubby and I have made a lot of work for ourselves, but we do love it. Anyway I digress, so finally my shawl is done, much later than I thought. But here it is....

I love this pattern, quite easy after I got over my brain freeze!! I am going to do another in other colors. My hubby said it looks like dragon wings, I think he's right.

Also I am still trying to knit my sweater in the wildberry hand spun, just about there. And I have the peacock feathers shawl on the needles too. Almost done spinning Black Magic Woman for a rectangular shawl. But in between knitting there is lots of yard work and of course housework, and lets not forget just plain old work!! So there will be less knitting but that's OK, I love working in the yard. Oh and soon there will be dyeing, the indigo vat is in the works again this year.

So hope you all had a nice Memorial Day weekend and onto summer!!! My Memorial weekend was quite nice. My brother and his family came to my house for a BBQ! I know that's not really breaking news, but considering we had not spoken for 27 years and just recently reunited, its something special to me. His family is terrific, the kids (grown ups) are great and his 2 grand-daughters are so sweet. I have to say my sister-in-law Maria is one special lady. She stuck by him and got his butt turned around and straightened out. So my son got to meet his cousins and aunt and uncle for the first time. It was funny to see my brothers face when he saw my son, you see my son looks a lot like him. Ever since he was small I always said he, my son, looked a lot like my brother. And his younger grand-daughter is quite a bit like me, oh Karma!!

So off to start my summer. Hope you all are having fun!!


Liz said...

Kelly, that shawl is beautiful! We'll see it for show and tell, I trust?

Robyn said...

Gorgeous shawl! And so nice to hear about your bbq with your brother - hooray for patching things up!