Saturday, December 27

A time for change

First off, Happy Holidays to all!! No matter what you celebrate I hope it was wonderful and joyous. I for one had a wonderful Christmas and am planning a quiet New Year with some friends. Nothing fancy just some snacks and Yahtzee!!
And for this new year I will try to be a better blogger and even if I have no pictures a paragraph or two at least once a week. I have been very bad at keeping the blog updated this year. I really must get with the program.
Also for this year I am really stepping back from the craziness of everything. I mean really we as a society are just out of control!!! We have become such selfish greedy people that nothing is good enough anymore. I mean really how much bigger, better or more do we need??! When that poor man got trampled at Walmart on black Friday I was just sick. To trample someone to get to what, a TV or a game, what is that important?! So this year my family and I really concentrated on what was important, being together and having family time. I made sure I enjoyed the Christmas decorations and the baking. Usually its hurry up and just get the house done, and start the baking, lets go!! But this year every day the tree was lit and so was my village. I really enjoyed looking at them this year, usually I hardly turn them on at all. So this year is a year of stepping back and taking stock and just being satisfied with what I have. I think we need to go back to what is important and to less is more. I mean really, do our children really need all those video games, what happened to books and board games?? And since when does a 10 year old need a cell phone?!! And no I do not need another pair of shoes, or another purse, and my husband does not need a 52" t.v. After all he doesn't watch the 22" one he has, so why do I have to have a huge t.v. in my house that no one will watch?? And my car is 8 years old but works great and I love it, hubby's car is 13 years old and so far so good, but will need to be replaced soon. And if I know him it will be a good used car, not brand new, he wont take that kind of loss on a car. And thank goodness!! After all if it works and gets me where I need to be, than its great, I don't care that its not new. So rather than go into debt for material things I think this year I will do with what I have. If I don't have the money for something than I will wait until I do or just do without. So for all those that need to keep up with the Jones's go for it, I for one am backing away, I will just go at my own pace and be happy for health and family and good friends.
OK off my soap box now, but I was just really bugged by this stuff this year.
So to all have a very Happy New Year and may it be filled with peace, love and health. And lots of laughter, family, friends and wonder!!


Elizzabetty said...

I agree! This year my scaled-back shopping made for a much more enjoyable Christmas. As a society we're far too distracted by all the shiny new expensive things. Time to step back a bit for perspective.

I wish you and your family a very happy new year!

teabird said...

Amen! We all have to step back and ask what kind of a world we want to live in. From the big things - cars, houses - to the little things - we need to be thankful for what we have, eager to share, and thoughtful about how our actions affect other people and the planet.
(Which isn't to say we can't have fun once in awhile with a splurge....)

Happy New Year!

LICraftgal said...

Thank you both and Happy New Year to you and your families. Hope this year is healthy and peaceful.

Robyn said...

I hear ya! Totally agree! but we might need some more yarn....hee, hee!

Liz said...

Does this mean you won't buy yarn?? ;-)

No, seriously, it's true. I did try to enjoy this season instead of missing it all because of the madness. I actually watched all my favorite Christmas movies and I have quite a few.

Happy New Year, see you Thursday!