Tuesday, December 30

A most excellent night!!

On Friday my hubby said on Sunday after the KLO not to make plans we were going out. Oh by the way, the KLO is my Sunday knitting group at Panera's. It stands for Knitting Liberation Organization, hubby gave us that name. Anyway so at about 5:00 on Sunday, we head out, where don't know. So we are driving east and just keep on going and going. Where do we end up?? Here ... pics are thumbnails and clickable for a better view.

He took me to see the Montauk light house all decorated for the first time for Xmas!!! It was just stunning!! A sight that I will never forget and always be in awe of. You see we love Montauk and we go there a lot. In fact we spent our honeymoon there, 26+ years ago.
And on the way we saw such lovely decorations and lights. The one house, blurry picture, was all lit up in clear lights and just incredible! And of course the windmills in their Xmas finery. The little towns and villages along the way were quite lovely as well. Also it was a very nice warm night so that helped too.
Then after seeing this wonderful sight we were off to dinner. And were did we eat?? At the same place we ate on our honeymoon!!! I believe its called Shang Wongs?! In the heart of Montauk, its a bar on one side and restaurant on the other. In fact we sat in the same booth!!! The place looks the same and the food is very good.

So thank you babe for a most excellent night!! I have to say that was one of the best nights I can remember. Although there have been many great times along the way this past 27 years, this is in the top 5 for sure!!! So for anyone who can get there before they take down the lights, do go. I am sure you will find it is worth the trip, I know we did.
Oh by the way the pictures were taken with a cell phone because he didn't want me to get suspicious so we didn't take my digital camera. That is why that one picture has the cingular symbol, its a reflection off the window LOL

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