Tuesday, June 17

And so it begins.....

So I have wanting to try my hand at dyeing. And so after checking many blogs and reading as much as I can find on-line about it, I haven't gotten any books yet, I have started!! In my backyard is a VERY sunny spot, it stays that way all day so that is where my solar dye jars are now sitting. And also much to my husbands dismay is my indigo vat, my urine indigo dye vat that is! Yes I am going to try to do a urine dye vat, why??? Why not?? I am all for natural and the old ways and that is a natural as it gets folks! Hubby is doing his bit by donating the morning pee, but other than that says its disgusting. What does he know LOL Any way I have my jars with creopsis, marigold, evening primrose and dandelion root sitting there. Of course today is not very sunny, it figures. But tomorrow the rest of the week looks good so I should have some results soon.
The creopsis started turning right away, not sure about the rest of them. Also on the stove is a pot of yarn and fiber in Alum to get mordanted!! So hopefully soon I will be able to do some great dyeing. I must thank everyone for answering all my many questions and helping me get started. Oh and here are some pictures of my jars and my "vat".

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