Saturday, January 12

A few finished things.

So here are my Lady Elenore and a vest. The LE was done in Noro Kuryon and the vest is some superwash merino fiber I spun up. The vest picture is not to good but you can sort of see the colors. I am pretty sure these pics are clickable thumbnails for a closer look. I really had a good time spinning and making the vest, its my first real spun and wearable object besides a shawl. The LE was so much fun and easier than I thought . I took that to Salem with me in late Oct. on my 25th anniversary and got compliments galore!! I have to say that I fell in love with entrelac after doing that shawl.
Still spinning every day, some new stuff plied and the twist set, so pictures soon. I am pretty sure I am going to do fingerless gloves with the pastel yarn. I just have to see how much I have on the other to add to what I did already and then see. Still working on my sweater too, now I am doing the sleeves, which I find boring. Then onto the other sweater I want to do. I always have lots of projects! So happy crafting and be back soon!


teabird said...

Lady Eleanor is gorgeous!
(Maybe I'll see you tomorrow at Panera...)

Josephine said...

I love the colors in your Lady Eleanor! Your gorgeous FO has inspired me to attempt entrelac in 2008. I'm off to add the project to my Ravelry queue =)

turtlegirl76 said...

The LE is GORGEOUS! Nicely done. =)

Nancy said...

Lady Eleanor came out gorgeous! Nice to see it in its entirety from when you were working on it at the the Spin-out! Vest came out great too! And your definitely spinning way thinner than the last time you and I got together to spin in July! Those fiber colors are simply outstanding! We have to get together to spin again one day soon!