Thursday, January 17

Color work and Mittens all at once!

So I had about 190 yds of hand spun yarn and needed a project for it.... Hmmmmm what to do, after some searching there they were!! OMG this was perfect for my colorway with black. But I never did color work or mittens sigh... Do I dare, what the heck. So after a few mistakes and learning along the way here they are. So the pattern was very easy to follow and written perfectly!! I had no problem following it at all. I mad a few errors but nothing to horrible. So I am going to do a few pairs of these because I love the way they look and they are sooooooo impressive. Its kind of like cables, looks really hard and impressive but not as hard as they look. That's these, they look harder to do than they are.

Well that's it for now, have lots more things going on so back to knitting, crocheting and spinning!!!To all happy crafting.

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