Saturday, April 21

The noni is done!

So here is my noni bag all done and ready for spring. I made a large one but it is more of a knitting bag, to big for me to use as a purse. So I just modified the pattern and here it the little noni. These are before and after felting pictures.

So there it is in all its glory LOL. I really loved making this bag. It was super easy. The first bag I did came out way to big for a purse so I will use it as a knitting bag. I just modified the patter a bit and came out with the "little Noni". I am ready for spring and not a moment to soon.
In other news I am getting ready to go to the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival Yeah!!! My friend Nancy and I are soooo excited and we get to go without the hubby's. So they wont be behind us going " are you done yet?" We are also going to Rhinebeck and rented a room at a The Beekman arms right in the center of town. The best part is we can take the train there!! I love train rides and we can knit there and back and no traffic to deal with. So that's about it for now. I am really busy with work and putting my house back in order. We had all the rooms painted and so now we must get it back together. What a mess, the Spackle dust went everywhere but my walls look brand new!!! So it was worth it. So happy knitting and crocheting and have a great day!


Nancy said...

OOohhh the Noni is too cute, now that I see it in its completion with handle, lining and zipper! Yes, I am psyched beyond belief for MD Sheep and Wool,,, I dont think it has hit yet concerning Rhinebeck, lol. Now to get my shopping list in order!

Zonda said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by! Yours is cute! Interested in how you downsized it too!

I agree, my first one is a bit too big for a purse, maybe someday I'll make a little one.

Have fun at MDSW!