Saturday, March 24

Knitmommy Rules

So this is what my pal sent me!!! Look at the wonderfulness of it all. I got a MUCH needed needle holder roll up. I was just looking to buy one of these too!! But this one is so much better because it was hand made by Tasha and her daughter for me!! The colors are just incredible!! And this book is sooo cool, I never knew it existed but it it chock full of info!! Its all about knitting with fibers other than wool. The patterns in it are really nice too!! By the way here is the link to knitmommy place which is her blog. I still haven't figured out how to do that blog button thing. So thank you Tasha for completely spoiling me!! You are really the best sp ever!!!


KnitMommy said...

Did you think that after looking at my blog that you would be getting a needle roll-up? My daughter had the best time helping me. I am soo happy that you love your stuff!

Anonymous said...

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