Wednesday, January 24

So anyway I just want to post a few of my fav shops. First of is the Village knitter I love this place. Karen is great and always happy to see you, just go in sit, knit and chat. Plus the yarns and goodies are very reasonably priced. She has latern moon and Debbie Bliss and Alpaca OH MY!!! But really anyone local should check it out, classes galore and lots of goodies that you wont find anywhere else on long island.
Second ins Rumpelstiltskins yarns This is a spinners paradise. Its the only place on eastern long island that has spinning lessons and they have wheels too! I am currently taking lessons and they have wheels to use if you don't have one. Angela is terrific and very warm and welcoming. Tabbethia is the teacher and what a great teacher! The lessons are very thorough and go step by step. She is very patient and explains things in a clear and easy way to understand. So if you are anywhere near either of these 2 shops stop in and say hello. Both shops have completely different fibers and goodies so you wont get bored looking at the same things.


Nancy said...

First I wanted to say congrats on your blog! Yay I have your first comment! ;)~

And I have to agree Angela and Tabbithea are just the greatest!

OfTroy said...

welcome to the world of blogging..

i look forward to seeing photo's of your stuff.