Saturday, March 14

Quite Amusing

Yes I also did the Amused sweater from Knitty, it seems to be quite popular. Anyway I did it in Dream in Color Classy in Giant Peach. The yarn is wonderful I must say. Great to work with and just nice all around. Plus it's super wash so that makes it even more wonderful. So here is my version of it.
It is not quite so orange but the color is close. I did a smaller ribbing on the bottom, only a couple of inches not as much as the pattern and also joined it higher up than the pattern. But yes this is an easy knit and just love it!!!


Dan said...

Oh that's pretty!

Elizzabetty said...

Just gorgeous!

Ryan (rynamite) said...

Circus peanuts!

Love it! And it looks super cute on you too.

Joanne a/k/a Punkin said...

I was just scrolling through your blog and saw this. It's lovely. I have a pair of socks that matches it, perfectly! ;)