Friday, February 9

I now know how to ply

I learned how to ply today at my spinning class. I thought it would be harder but it is easier than I thought. Here are som pictures which are thumbnails and clickable.

I love spinning and cant wait to get my wheel. Soon I will have one soon. I love the traveller wheel by ashford and will be getting that one. For my first wheel it will be perfect, I am sure I will get more than one, that seems to be the way it goes for spinners.
This yarn will be a scarf for me when I finish spinning the rest of the roving and plying it. It may be lumpy and bumpy and thick and thin but I love it.
Now after I get the hang of the spinning of the roving I will learn how to go from the animal to the roving. But first things first.
I ordered 1lb of merino from copper moose and it is just yummy!!!

This is just so wonderful and the prices are reasonable too. I will be ordering more from them I am sure. They have all sorts of fibers and goodies. So I figure if I start buying fibers now I will have enough for spinning when I get my wheel. Oh and I found my spindle spinner but am not sure how to work it yet. I have an idea but I need lots and lots of practice. I like the idea of being able to spin wherever I go. So That's my spinning tales this week.
I also worked on my peacock shawl but have no new pictures yet, that is one project you must pay attention to when you are working on it. But I am glad to be learning lace knitting, its something I wanted to do this year.
So I am learning to spin yarn and knit lace so far. That's 2 of the on the to do list for 2007. I have a few more I want to accomplish but 2 things and its only February.
Oh my sp on knitty sent me the cutest valentine card, speaking of February. She is really the greatest sp!! I get email and messages from her and now I have to be on the look out for goodies!!! I don't know who she is but I have 2 clues so far. An I am not sure at all my sp is a she but I am pretty sure my sp is a she. We have quite a few gents on the board too!
But whoever my sp is I am getting very spoiled by the attention.
Well that's about it for now, till next time happy knitting, crocheting and spinning!!

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